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November 27th, 2023


Hours are as follows:

Thursday THRU Sunday from 4pm to 10pm

Closed Mondays through Wednesdays

New Woodfired Steak Menu, beginning December 3rd, 2023, check out our menu page for more details. 


We are introducing an Uncle Bo's exclusive Steak Menu...NOBODY in ALL of Lorain County is offering actual live WOODFIRED STEAKS. NOBODY is willing to offer them at such a low price, while our profit margins may be very thin, we're trying to get you in here to taste something you CANNOT find anywhere else.

BIGGER, than our competition, CHEAPER than our competition, and obviously FAR MORE FLAVORFUL! Now there is no REASON to not give Uncle Bo's a try...saving money and enjoying more! What could be better?


With your support, we will be able to gain the purchasing power needed, to keep these (and all our items), at a fair market local; your money stays in and helps this community! 


Wait times:  

Folks we run with a very small, but highly dedicated staff, while the wait times are a little longer, we believe that what we offer is worth the wait.


As we are able to hire more staff, we will be able to cut these longer wait times down, but we need your support in order to make that happen.


Without the "U", the is no "US"...please support your local establishments, we ALL NEED your support now, more than ever. 

We've never been about pumping out one meal after another (quantity), but we have prided ourselves on putting out the very best quality of food ANYWHERE in Lorain County, for this reason we are CONSISTENTLY rated the

#1 Restaurant in ALL of Lorain County.

Nobody even comes close! 

We're here, we're trying, we're doing everything we can... 



(Friday and Saturday nights 10p to 2a)



The stage and dance floor are finished, we are anticipating getting it opened and running VERY SOON. However, after getting everything set up and working, we found a small leak in the roof and then found that it had damaged the new dance floor, we are working on getting it fixed ASAP. 


With much love and admiration, 

Uncle Bo

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