Latest updated information

May 27th, 2022


Starting Thursday JUNE 2nd, 2022



Hours are as follows:

Thursday THRU Sunday from 4pm to 10pm

Closed Mondays through Wednesdays

If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously interested in learning the changes we’ve needed to make. Many think I’m “long winded”, with my explanations, but I think that it’s a way of informing people, to help them better understand. So, while my explanation may be long, it will answer a lot of your questions.

Here goes….

There are some changes that needed to happen, if we had any chance of re-opening. I’m certain that our loyal followers, customers and friends would agree with me when I say:


 The most important thing was finding the ability to offer our product again; all of the rest will simply be an adjustment over time.

So, the question I’ve asked myself is: “how, can it be done, without losing money? How can it be done without having to raise my prices so high that it isn’t affordable for most people?” Many people have reached out to tell me to simply raise my prices, that to them it’s worth it, and while I do appreciate that, not everyone is able to say that. So, I had to try to figure it out.

 So, here’s what I’ve come up with. I know some will not like it, or feel they would do it another way, but this is what I believe to be the best solution, to help us get through this.


 I’m confident that we’ll find the support we need to do things this way, until some of the pressures we’re facing start to ease up and we can get back to the way things were, before this ugly pandemic and the rippling effects decimated so many lives and businesses.  

  1. We are going to a counter service, carryout concept, with online ordering and paying capabilities. We have eliminated the “full service” dine in concept.


We will have 5 tables (with 4 seats each) inside and 5 picnic tables outside and 6 stools at the bar for dine in. This will be available through a first come first serve concept. We will not be able to accommodate “larger parties, until further notice.


We will offer your basic drinks at the bar; “shot and beer” type concept, combined with our “signature” alcoholic beverages.


The soda machine will be a “self-serve, free refill (while here) concept”.


       2. We will be limiting the number of products available each day, in an effort to sell out each day, insuring we have less product waste.


For example (as just an example), we will be offering 10-15 slabs of ribs and 10 brisket per day, 10 chickens and so on, when it’s gone, it’s gone, until the next day of service. We have to do it this way, if you’d like to learn a few of the reasons why, then read the explanation below, as I attempt to give an understanding.


REASONING: I don’t serve day old BBQ and I’m certain you prefer it that way. Almost all BBQ places “prep to sell out”, as a matter of fact, I’m one of the only Smokehouses, that I know of, that tried to be a “full service/try not to run out concept”. The biggest reason, that BBQ is prepped to sellout daily is that it is simply, it is too labor intensive and costly to waste.


So, when they don’t sell out, they sell day old stuff, in order to keep from wasting it, which is understandable, but it’s not what I advertise. I personally wouldn’t want to eat it and therefore I have always stayed away from it; what you eat today, came off the smokers today.


When we did have leftovers, I put it in the chili, or donated it. Which ended up just covering the cost of the product and not much more.


The other reason is that I have to greatly reduce my overhead.

65% of our weekly sales has to go back into two costs: Labor and Product reordering, these are your “Prime Costs”, one is controllable (to an extent) and the other is not.


Since I cannot control the price of items that I need to order, I have to control my labor costs.


Many people don’t realize just how labor-intensive BBQ, especially smokehouse BBQ really is.


By limiting the number of products, we sell, I can reduce the amount of prep needed to make these products and by default reduce my labor costs.


It will also help to keep my staff from being overworked and being burnt out. Having to replace employees is very costly to a business, I have a fantastic “core group” and I’d like to keep it that way.


      3.We will be reducing our hours to the higher demand times, which for us is dinners, and over the weekends. So, Thursday through Sunday from 4p to 10p, or until sold out, whichever comes first.


REASONING: There is not enough demand (or traffic) during the day, for us to be open.


Having food ready and employees standing around waiting for someone to come in, just doesn’t make sense. We know we’re busy for dinners and therefore we will schedule around the demand.


If demand increases, we will increase our hours. I’ve always said that I’d be open 7 days a week, if the demand was there, but it’s just not, at this time.


Now, I’m confident that the City of Elyria is working very hard to get this mall area developed and businesses back, I’ve been to the meetings and I know what’s coming, maybe not soon enough for some, but it is being worked on and I’m 100% confident that it is going to happen.


So, when that happens and the demand increases, we will open more. Until then, every single dollar matters and it just doesn’t make sense to be open, and operate in the red, for a few orders to come in. I’m truly sorry if you don’t understand, but I’m doing what I feel is best.


    4.We will be offering our menu items as ala carte, with the exception of a sandwich meal combo.

REASONING: Okay, this one is easy to explain. I don’t want to raise my prices!


Even though my prices have increased dramatically, I want to keep it as cheap as I possibly can.

So, when we offer dinners, I price everything out: example; 8oz meat PLUS two sides PLUS a corn muffin. I add them all up individually to get a total. Whatever the total is, I then reduce it by 15-25%, depending on the cost and labor of the item. This makes the dinner meals a “better value”.

So, in an attempt to not raise my prices, we will not be offering any dinner meals, or two and three meat or family combos of any kind. So, for now, and until things start to come back down (God only knows), everything we offer on the menu will be purchased as individual items.


The sandwich meals will be offered as a sandwich, fry and a drink, for one flat price. However, if you don’t want fries, you’ll be able to “upgrade” to a premium side, of your choice, for a small price.  


In Closing….

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know there are number of people that simply want to see us get back open, they love our food, want to support us and hate to see this happen. We have the greatest customers, fans and followers and I am so humbled by that…. THANK YOU!

I believe we have enough love and support to make this work and that’s why I continue to fight, to find a way to keep these doors open and offer this community, as well as the area around it, a different option. I’ve never advertised that we’re the best, I leave that up to you.

Thank you again, for taking the time…. We’ll see ya soon!

With much love and admiration, 

Uncle Bo