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MARCH 17th, 2024

Woodfired Steaks

As many of you know, spring and summer are “grilling season”, and one thing we can count on is red meat prices, increasing, during the warmer months. It happens every year, especially over the summer, when many of you are doing your own backyard BBQing and we slow down.

So, with this being the time of the year that everyone is grilling out, it’s also the beef industries opportunity to make money, so they raise prices anyway, going into the 2nd quarter. However, this year is projected to be far worse, for a number of reasons. If you’d like to learn more, I’ve taken the liberty of adding a few links (below). Feel free to see some of the reasons being projected. 


We’ve already seen an increase, it's gotten too expensive now, on our end, we just haven’t passed it on to our customers and cannot justify it, at this time.

I know many of you like them and may be disappointed, but we will bring them back, just as soon as we’re able to do so. For now, there is very little margin to operate from.

While some will say they are “willing to pay more”, I honestly don’t have the purchasing power needed to keep my prices (cost) low enough to meet the projected demand in pricing.

While these steaks have become wildly popular, we don’t have the corporate backing needed, to keep these higher cost items on the menu and they’re just too expensive (to me), when not buying in bulk, or “per case pricing”. In other words, I can’t pay consumer pricing, it has to be commercial pricing and that only happens when you’re buying by the case, and not just buying per item; ribeye loin (ribeye’s & tomahawks), tenderloin (filet mignon), or short loin (Porterhouse and T-bones).

It’s just not a good starting point, because we are JUST BARELY meeting the case minimum(s) now. This is only happening because we are bigger and cheaper, than our competitors. If we go smaller and charge the same price, we’ll lose that reputation. In contrast, if we charge more, we’ll price ourselves, out of that same reputation. So, we have decided that it’s in our best interest, to TEMPORARILY SUSPEND them for now and keep our “per case pricing” on our smoked meat offerings.

We do hope that you’ll understand and continue to support your locally owned and operated Smokehouse BBQ.


Here are a few of the links that I’d mentioned earlier….


Beef Prices Are High. Here’s Why. - WSJ 

The Beef with Beef: Why are Beef Prices so High? (

Will Beef Prices Stay Elevated into 2024? - The Food Institute

Beef prices are at record highs, and your steak is becoming pricier (



Wait times:  

Folks we run with a very small, but highly dedicated staff, while the wait times are a little longer, we believe that what we offer is worth the wait.


As we are able to hire more staff, we will be able to cut these longer wait times down, but we need your support in order to make that happen.


Without the "U", the is no "US"...please support your local establishments, we ALL NEED your support now, more than ever. 

We've never been about pumping out one meal after another (quantity), but we have prided ourselves on putting out the very best quality of food ANYWHERE in Lorain County, for this reason we are CONSISTENTLY rated the

#1 Restaurant in ALL of Lorain County.

Nobody even comes close! 

We're here, we're trying, we're doing everything we can... 



(Friday and Saturday nights 10p to 2a)



The stage and dance floor are finished, we are anticipating getting it opened and running VERY SOON. However, after  announcing that we're taking applications, we just haven't received enough applications to fill the positions, at this time....STAY TUNNED!

With much love and admiration, 

Uncle Bo

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