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What others are saying about us:

4.8 out of 5; based on over 735+ reviews & 

10,021 people following us, as of Dec 31st 2020!

Consistently rated as the top restaurant to visit in the area, according to:

Yelp, Google, Facebook and Trip Advisor:

1st place: Best BBQ

1st place: Most Recommended

1st place: Best Service

1st place: Best Restaurant

(According to Restaurant Guru, which compile a final rating from ALL Social media sites, for an over all rating). 

In just the first Year open in Ohio! 

We recently won Best BBQ in Northeast Ohio, for 2020, out  of 36 possible contenders;

with 47% of the vote; 2nd place received 9% and the remaining contestants spilt the rest. 

We will NEVER please everyone, but THOUSANDS of people can't be wrong!

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The following are from our FB "reviews" page:

 (While we know we can't fit them ALL on here, please enjoy this "sampling")


Kim Fisher Levin reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

January 31, 2018 ·

I am from NY state. We do BBQ here of course and it's good. I have not been able to find BBQ that compares to my husband. He smokes with his own rub on the meat and makes his own BBQ sauce. WELL, finally. Here it is. Best BBQ ever. Tender and melts in your mouth. The BBQ sauce is unreal. Very tasty. Best slaw I've had in any restaurant anywhere. The beans were great. Cornbread amazing. The servers were friendly and host Tanya very attentive. We had the pleasure of "Bo" at the table for a bit explaining his passion and love of what he does. It shows in his food and it also shows in the creation of the restaurant. All part of his own designs, thoughts and ideas. The only complaint I have is they are to far away from me. But I sure enjoyed the short time I was there. Stop and see them, you will be treated like family!!! Well done!!! Well done!!!

Juan Melendez reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 8, 2016 ·

Best in town definitely can't have enough. Come get some the best BBQ.





Kristen English reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

July 17, 2018 ·

Some of the best BBQ I've had! The meat is tender, flavorful, and the brisket is to die for. The sides are great too, I love the jalapeño mac and cheese. Everything I've tried was excellent!





Josh Keener reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

November 1, 2018 ·

So amazing! Brisket is so tender a flavorful, and the au jus so good you’ll wanna drink it. Can’t wait for it to open near the mall.





Linda Tomlin-Brenner reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 1, 2016 ·

Bo's food is DELICIOUS! Bo insisted my husband and I sample the pulled pork, brisket, ribs, collards, baked beans, coleslaw, and mac and cheese with jalapeños and bacon, and each was simply amazing. We decided to split a full slab of ribs with the traditional BBQ sauce, a medium container of mac and cheese with jalapeños and bacon, and a medium container of cole slaw, and truly - these choices were superb. Bo's BBQ ribs are the very best either of us has ever eaten. Definitely, we are returning for more!



David Henderson reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 11, 2016 ·

I have been looking for years for a great barbecue restaurant.. I now can say that I have finally ended my search today. Bo gave us samples of their foods I can't say what items I liked best. It was like going to a family cookout picnic tables and all. Thank you no for going the extra step to a costumer you've never met. With the food you serve and the hospitality you have , I'm sure you are into a very successful future!!!!!


Ryan Hercik reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

August 28, 2016 ·

When I think about smoked bbq this is what I imagine. Incredibly tender meat, spices and smoke flavor that enhance the food not overpower it. I would recommend this place to anyone.



Michael Sycz reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

October 31, 2017 ·

Was very tempted to drive up from Phoenix on my cross country trip from Ohio from the first time your delicious BBQ hit my taste buds i new it was destiny BBQ master ended up in my small City of Ohio iv tried BBQ from East to West coast lil hole in the wall shacks nothing compared to Uncle Bo’s brisket and Mac and cheese with jalapenos and of course everything else until we meet again greatest BBQ to come to North ridgetucky lol



Amy Terwilliger Goyda reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

August 25, 2016 ·

Amazing! Michael Simons new restaurant Mabel's could take a few lessons from Uncle Bo's. Not only did the owner greet us and give us free samples but the girls were so friendly and you felt like family. The brisket and ribs melt in your mouth, and I never new I loved greens! Go try it, your taste buds will thank you.



Yvette Sandoval reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 25, 2017 ·

The brisket sandwich, fatty, with BBQ Sauce! Mac n cheese with jalapeño n bacon amazing! I give it all �����,���,���, a WooooHoooo!, n ������ Great atmosphere, amazing variety of drinks Try the pink lemonade beverage! The service was fantastic. Can't wait to come back! (Wish this place was in my hometown, might just be worth the four hour drive; If my hubby can't find me, he should start looking here�)


Gabe Swan reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

November 25, 2017 ·

We got here a little early, in the area following the amazing smells coming off the grills. "Uncle Pete" was the most hospitable guy I've met in this town, and he treated us like family. We had both the brisket and the pork. While they were both amazing, I haven't had brisket this good in my life! Y'all are a credit to true bbq!


Rebecca Joy Wagner reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 8, 2017 ·

Best BBQ! Perfect Bark and smoke ring on the Brisket... so tender and yummy mmmmmm soooooo good!!!!!! Everything was just perfect. The collard greens were amazing, the mac and cheese was awesome. I'm definitely going back! Oh and I got to meet Uncle Bo yay me!


Karen Anderson Willis reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

December 3, 2017 ·

I ate world renowned bbq for 13 years in NoCaolina. I’ve had Texas, and Louisiana bbq, but this place is by far THE BEST bbq I’ve ever had!! The service and atmosphere are amazing!!!


Linda Jo Massaro Hedlund reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

January 28, 2018 ·

This place is OFF THE HOOK delicious!!! Everyone needs to try the pizza... there are no words that can describe just how DELICIOUS it is!!!


Noelle Boyer reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

December 5, 2017 ·

Excellent ribs and collards, when I want a taste of great home cookin' Uncle Bo's Slow -n-Low is my place to go


Annette Gilgenbach reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

March 1, 2018 ·

When located in North Ridgeville Ohio, we visited quite often. Hopefully they return soon. Loved, loved, loved the food. Staff was always personable.


Darleen Gordon Mattes reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 10, 2017 ·

Loved the Southern tasting BBQ! Good food, big portions.



Charles Greenfield reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

July 24, 2017 ·

It's hard for me to admit this, but their brisket is better than mine. So, so tender.


Kristi Gebow reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

July 6, 2017 ·

Best BBQ I've ever had! Everything from the meats to the sauces is absolutely divine! Our new favorite place! The employees are warm, friendly & always remember us and what we like when we walk in! �


Ingrid Residency reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

July 3, 2017 ·

as I mentioned earlier on another post. The food was amazing. The coleslaw is the best I've had since i don't know when. I could eat that as a stand alone item.
The Ribs, where very tender, the brisket so melt in your mouth. The staff was so friendly and warm. Bo came to check to make sure all was well with our meals. We will be back, (as i mentioned earlier.) Thanks for a great birthday meal.


Leah DeLaratta reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

July 3, 2017 ·

I have to say, I was impressed. The atmosphere was excellent, the food was great, and the staff was really amazing. Bo came out and chatted with my family. I was impressed with how personable he was and I think we will definitely be back. Oh and that bourbon sauce is really good.


Tammy Daniels reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

July 1, 2017 ·

Absolutely amazing...great food and service...
I will definitely be back....


Kristi Egusa reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

June 26, 2017 ·

Soooo goooooood - the ribs and brisket were like buttah! So good that my daughter didn't want her bbq sandwich to be finished! Added bonus: Bo and his crew were so friendly and welcoming that Uncle Bo's Slow-n-low is my new fave spot in Laughlin/Bullhead City! We will definitely be back!


Carla Miller-Johnson reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

May 21, 2017 ·

The best food ever bauyou burger melts in your mouth. Definitely going back


Debra Kay Willburn Hartwick reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

April 23, 2017 ·

Oh it was the most awesome food for an event! Everything arrived from Uncle Bo's, via my dear son Jason Hartwick, in heavy gauge tin containers with hardy tin lids. Ribs were extra wrapped and the meat just fell off the bone. Brisket had the most amazing bark on it and chicken thighs and legs were smoked to perfection. Great coleslaw, yummy baked beans, tasty collard greens, macaroni and cheese and even provided rolls and individual foil wrapped butters. Uncle Bo's BBQ is a must if you want to enjoy magnificent BBQ!



Sarah O'Brien reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 22, 2016 ·

Tried this place a few days ago for the first time. The owner was super nice. Sent me home samples of what he had left for the night to my husband so he could try it since he wasn't with me. We got ribs and pulled chicken. They were both delicious. Definitely sad that we didn't try it out earlier in the season, but can't wait until they are back next year.




Zach Billings reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 19, 2016 ·

Best BBQ I've found in Cleveland, better than famous daves in north olmsted and crooked river on the east side. Ribs were tender and had a great smokey flavor, BBQ sauce was just the way I like it, tangy sweet and smokey


Joey Blogna reviewed Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low — 5 star

September 16, 2016 ·

I happened to stumble upon a Facebook post on this gem of a place a few weeks back. Today was the first time I had the opportunity to try it and I have to hold back my words that I want to use, so in short.....HOLY $h! damn BBQ I have ever had in my entire life. I have traveled around this country and have had so many places and mark my words this place is an absolute must.

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