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2020 1st Place Winner

 "Cleveland's Hot List" 

"Best of Cleveland"

Best BBQ Restaurant in Northeast Ohio

out of 36 contenders


Thank you Northeast Ohio!!


Thurs. & Fri 4pm to 10pm

Sat. & Sun 12pm to 10pm

Closed: Monday through Wednesday

To go orders Call: 440-387-6614

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Good BBQ takes time:



   Hello folks! I’d like to take a minute to explain just a few of the difference between various cooking methods that encompass all things “BBQ”; yes, there are differences, though they’re small, they do exist.

   1) Smoking involves slow-cooking through the use of hot smoke ONLY, which requires indirect heat.

   2) BBQ involves slow-cooking meats through direct or indirect heat using wood or charcoal.

   3) Grilling involves direct heat to achieve caramelization, while cooking a product using gas, wood or charcoal.


   Yet still some combine these methods when making ribs, for example. They pressure cook them (or boil them, if you can believe that), or bake them; all in an attempt to tenderize them, (basically cheating themselves out of flavor) Then they’re dredged in BBQ sauce and finished baking, or thrown on a grill, to caramelize and render the sauce down on them, and give them grill marks. All this is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for. BBQ Sauce is a condiment and isn’t meant to flavor the meat, but add to its layers.

   Here, at Uncle Bo’s Slow-n-Low, it’s all about the rub, the meat and the smoke; the difference is the love, time and effort it takes, to do it right. Both time & labor intensive; it creates an impeccable end product, matched by no other “BBQ” method. This makes it inherently more expensive; “Good Q is not cheap, and cheap Q is not good”!  

  It takes long hours of low temperatures to create masterful SMOKEHOUSE STYLE BBQ, with that in mind, we would like to remind our guests that we are not a commercial style BBQ eatery; we are locally owned and operated and the meals are prepared fresh, using only the finest local (farm to plate) ingredients, whenever possible. Additionally, we’re not looking to pump out one course after another; we limit what we produce, in order to reduce waste and allow us to focus on making each dish delicious. The drawback is that sometimes we may sell out of a product(s), for the day.

   Brisket, when done right, can take up to 16 hours, Pork Shoulders are typically 8-12 hrs. and the ribs can take 4-5 hours. What this means is that we can only produce so many in a 24-hour period. Since we can NEVER predict when a customer will come in and order 4, or 7, or even 10 slabs of ribs to go, or 5 to 10 pounds of brisket, or pulled pork, which happens a lot, and while it's a good problem to have, it shortens the amount(s) we've prepared, for the day; resulting in us selling out early.

   Some say we should simply prepare more. While, that's an option, the real question is what happens when we have too many left overs? Well, I'll tell you. It results in two losing options. We either reuse it the next day; cheating my customers of the "fresh cooked" products I offer. Or we throw it out; product waste forces me to raise prices. I’m sure this wouldn’t be well received.

   So, we’re not perfect, we'll likely never walk on water. But we will ALWAYS do our very best to offer you a product that we can be proud of, service that makes you feel like your family and an ambiance that will make you feel like you’re at your Uncle Bo's, for a backyard picnic.  

   We would like to apologize for the inconvenience this may or may not create, but again; each item we make is done with pride, from our hearts to yours. We’re confident that you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank you,

Uncle Bo

Uncle Bo's Slow-n-Low:

Celebrating Southern Family Hospitality & Charm

Smokehouse BBQ with love!

2000 Midway Mall

Elyria, Ohio


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