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Uncle Bo’s Christmas Rewards Program

Every time you spend a minimum of $30.00 in the restaurant, you automatically qualify for a FREE drawing to be held from Wednesday, December 11th 2019 through Sunday, December 22nd, 2019; during our normal business hours. This includes all carry out purchases, as well as dine in orders.

Here’s how it’s going to work:


When you spend at least $30.00 (in food), we will allow you to pick an envelope, from the bin of envelopes (completely at random AND chosen by you) to hold onto.


In December (beginning on Wednesday December 11th 2019), when you come back in, you’ll open that envelope(s), in front of the Manager, or owner, to reveal your prize(s).

So, to clarify, you only need to do what you’re already doing; eating at Uncle Bo’s Slow-n-Low and spend $30.00 (or more, in food) to qualify.


Visit as often as you like between Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, when we open and the close of business on Sunday, December 8th, 2019 and collect as many envelopes as you wish, there is no limit to the number of envelopes you can receive, during this time.

AGAIN, FOR CLARIFICATION; beginning on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 you can come in to open your envelope(s) and reveal your FREE prize(s), but the claiming of ALL PRIZES ends at the close of business, on Sunday, December 22nd, 2019 at 10pm SHARP.

You CANNOT OPEN your envelopes before the specified time (Beginning Wednesday, December 11th, 2019) and it MUST be in front of the Manager, or Owner, to be redeemable. All ENVELOPES opened before this time will be considered voided, if tampered with in anyway.  It’s that easy and it’s just that simple.

So, what can you win? This is where it gets fun!!!!

Top Prizes are as follows:

     1) $500.00 CASH (total of one, to be given away)

     2) $500.00 towards a catering order from

        Uncle Bo’s Slow-n-Low; to be claimed in 2020

     3) $500.00 donation to a LOCAL charity, in your name. OR              will pay off $500 in various and random “Layaways” at                the local Walmart, as a secret Santa, on your behalf.

     4) $250.00 CASH (total of 2 to be given away)

     5) 2- Giant Family Combo meals (a $147.99 value, which                   feeds 8-10 people)


Various other prizes will also be in the envelop; that include, but ARE NOT limited to the following:

$10-$50 gift Certificates to Uncle Bo’s (a perfect stocking stuffer), 10 to 50% off of your meal coupons, Free appetizers (no purchase necessary), Free appetizers with the purchase of an entrée, Free entrees and Free Desserts (no purchase necessary) and Free Desserts with the purchase of an entrée.

Plus, coupons and various gift certificates to other LOCALLY OWNED businesses in the area; this will include other locally owned restaurants, that are willing to participate and if they’re not, we will still buy the gift certificates from them to give away ourselves.


We have A LOT of really cool prizes being added EVERY DAY, and we’re just adding them to the list…want an example? FREE one month Gym Memberships, FREE Movie passes, FREE plus Memberships to Sam’s Club and so much more! 

Just to make this fun, there will be a portion of the envelopes that simply say “Happy Holidays & Thank you, for shopping at Uncle Bo’s Slow-n-Low”. As we simply cannot afford to give away thousands in FREE food. However, we do want to give back to our customers, during this time of the year.

When we start opening the envelops, we will keep a list of winners (with dates & times) at the front counter, for all to view, as prizes are being reveled. This list of winners will remain available through February 28th, 2019.

Official rules for the drawing

Now for the crappy part….THE RULES:


1)  You CANNOT OPEN your envelopes before the specified time (Beginning Wednesday, December 11th, 2019) and it MUST be in front of the Manager, or Owner, to be redeemable. All ENVELOPES opened before this time, will be considered voided, if tampered with in anyway.


2) One Envelope per customer, with a purchase of $30.00 or more, on any one receipt. Alcoholic purchases and taxes are NOT included, in the final bill total; we CANNOT include any prizes for buying alcohol, as it is against the law and the state wants their tax money; I don’t get to keep this, when we collect it. So, $30.00 after sales tax and alcohol is subtracted. This does not mean a $60.00 purchase qualifies for two envelopes.


3) Absolutely NO PRIZE that is won can be applied towards any ALCOHOL sale, of any kind. Example; if you win a prize that entitles you to “10% off your purchase”, it WILL NOT include the alcohol on your bill. It is against the law for us to give away alcohol, without and official sponsor.  


4) Cannot be combined with any other offer, all “FREE” prizes are limited to one (1) per visit; As an example, if you win a FREE Appetizer, FREE entrée and FREE dessert, during the course of the drawing (game), you CANNOT claim all three in one single visit; they must be spread out over time; limit one per visit, per receipt. Remember this was a FREE gift that we gave back to our community.


5) The FREE entrée winners are limited to a “Smokin Dinners” selection and not valid towards the purchase of any of the “Smokin Combo” meals, or other selections, outside of the “Smokin Dinners entrées”.


6) No FREE gift can be used as cash, except as specified on the prize, and is NOT REDEMABLE for cash. In other words, if you win a Free “Smokin Dinner” entrée, it cannot be used as cash to apply to a bill for a “Rib Combo Platter”, or “Brisket Sample Platter”, or any other combination thereof.


7) All “gift certificates”, “discounted meals”, “FREE offers” prizes can only be redeemed beginning in January 2020. However, the Cash prizes are payable immediately upon the opening of your envelope.  


8) If you win the $500.00 towards a charity, OR layaway, you will have 48 hours to disclose which charity you wish to donate to. If you choose to apply it towards a stranger’s layaway, we will pay it on your behalf and post the receipt(s) with the list of winners, for all to see how kind you were.


9)All prizes with an expiration date, must be used before they expire.


10) We are NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen prizes, they CANNOT and WILL NOT be reissued, for any reason.