Temporarily Closing

We will be closing our Doors on Sunday, December 19th, 2021, until further notice!

As I've said before, this is not an easy thing to do and it sickens me to have to make this gut wrenching decision.... but it has to be done!

While we love this community and value our service and time given to the community, sadly the rippling effects of the Covid pandemic is just far too much to overcome, for our little slice of the American Dream.

At this time, I’ve made this decision to close, in an attempt to not completely lose all that I, and so many others, have worked so hard for. We are simply “hitting the pause button” again and will look to REOPEN, when the economy (soaring inflation, supply shortages…and so much more), starts to comes back down and level off.


God willing we'll, see you in 2022!

We simply CANNOT afford the astronomical prices for ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS; quite literally, EVERYTHING is far too high. And that’s if we can get them at all. We all feel it, but when an individual see’s the price of a steak (for example) at $14.99 a pound, that was once $9.99 a pound, they can simply say: “No thank you!” We, on the other hand, have no choice, but to swallow that cost, especially when our product is specific to our needs.


We cannot pass all of these increases on to our customers, because at some point, we’ll simply “lock ourselves out of the market”. So, by offsetting my cost and passing it on to my consumers, we’ll simply isolate even more customers.   

For example, pre-pandemic our 5-gallon fryer oil was roughly $16.80, it’s now $45.00+, if you can get it at all. It’s the same across the board; to-go boxes, napkins, ketchup, toilet paper, meats, pastas and on and on. So, it’s just to the point that it doesn’t make sense to keep trying, when things are only getting worse.


When we're all spending more for fuel, groceries, clothing, home energy costs. It’s caused people to “close up their wallets and budget tighter”. So, with our attendance, ticket prices and thus sales down and all of the products that we order prices up, or not able to get at all… we are going in the wrong direction.

So,…. It’s time, time to figure out a way to save this place, before I lose it altogether. We will work to get back open, just as soon as it makes sense to do so. As I said when this all happened the first time, it’s not a matter of if we’ll get back open, but it is a matter of when.

To our loyal followers, supporters and cheerleaders, you know who you are…. THANK YOU!


We will be back again, just don’t know when. But, until then, please take care and God Bless you all!

Uncle Bo & Staff


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